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Inspiring Woman Terri Giuliano Long

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Interview with Inspiring Woman Terri Giuliano Long
Terri Giuliano Long was dejected when no one would would publish her book. After being turned down several times and after having a publishing deal fall through, she decided to get up, dust off, and publish her book herself! Not only did her book sell, her book also earned critical acclaim and Terri helped further develop the community of self publishing. Hear Terri's story in her own words. And hear why Terri is an Inspiring Woman!
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Interview Inspiring Woman
Terri Giuliano Long

“I always envisioned myself as a graphic artist or a painter,” she recalls.  “As a child, I would spend hours alone in my bedroom, sprawled on the floor, drawing outfits for my paper dolls, making up stories, and acting in my own improvisational plays.”

After taking an advanced writing course her sophomore year, Terri discovered her passion for storytelling through the written word, and at 16, she landed her first job as a reporter for The Billerica Minuteman, a daily newspaper produced in her hometown of Billerica, Mass. “At first, I covered sports and other high school news, but after a few months, I was given my own column” she says. “Even though I earned about a dollar a week, I knew then that the only job I’d ever want would be as a writer.”